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RUSH: A Passage Through Time
1952 - Neil Peart is born in Hamilton, Ontario.

1953 - Geddy Lee is born as Gary Lee Weinrib in Toronto.

1953 - Alex Lifeson is born as Alex Zivojinovich in Surnie, British Columbia, Canada.

1968 - Rush forms in the Willowdale section of Toronto. The original lineup includes Alex Lifeson on guitar, John Rutsey on drums and Jeff Jones on

1968 - Geddy Lee replaces Jeff Jones on bass.

1973 - Rush releases its first single, a cover of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away."

1974 - Rush releases its first album, Rush.

1974 - John Rutsey plays his last show with the band, in London, Ontario.

1974 - Neil Peart becomes Rush's drummer.

1975 - Rush releases it's second album, Fly by Night.

1975 - Rush releases it's third album, Caress of Steel.

1976 -  Rush releases it's fourth album, 2112, the album is based on Ayn Rand novel, The Fountainhead.

1976 - Rush releases it's first live album, All the World's a Stage.

1977 - Rush releases A Farewell to Kings.

1978 - Rush releases Hemispheres.

1978 - Rush releases Archives, a compilation of their first 3 albums, Rush, Fly by Night, & Caress of Steel.

1980 - Rush releases Permanent Waves.

1981 - Rush releases Moving Pictures, which becomes Rush's signature album.

1981 - Rush releases it's 2nd live album, Exit Stage Left.

1982 - Rush releases Signals.

1984 - Rush releases Grace Under Pressure, it's 10th studio album.

1985 - Rush releases Power Windows.

1987 - Rush releases Hold Your Fire.

1988 - Rush releases it's 3rd live album, A Show of Hands.

1989 - Rush releases Presto.

1990 - Rush releases Chronicles, their first double compilation album of studio recordings.

1991 - Rush releases Roll the Bones.

1993 - Rush releases Counterparts, it's 15th studio album.

1996 - Rush releases Test for Echo.

1996 - Alex Lifeson releases his solo album Victor.

1997 - Rush releases 2 separate compilation albums, Retrospective 1 & Retrospective 2.

1997 - Neil Peart's daughter Selena is killed in an automobile accident.

1998 - Neil Peart's wife, Jacqueline died from cancer in June 1998.  Neil embarked on a self-described "healing journey" by motorcycle in which he
travelled 55,000 across North & South America. He subsequently wrote about his travels in his book Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. Neil's
loss puts the band on hiatus for the next 5 years.

1998 - Rush releases it's 4th live album, Different Stages.

2000 - Geddy Lee released his solo album My Favourite Headache.

2002 - Rush releases Vapor Trails, its 17th studio album.

2003 - Rush releases it's 5th live album and accompanying dvd titled, Rush in Rio.

2003 - Rush releases the compilation album, Spirit of Radio,

2004 - Rush begins its R30: 30th Anniversary Tour and releases a live album and dvd from the tour in 2005.

2004 - Rush releases the album Feedback, a collection of cover songs that inspired them in their early years.

2006 - Rush releases Rush Gold, a double album of their best hits.

2006 - Rush releases Replay X 3, a DVD box set of three separate filmed concerts. The three shows presented are Exit Stage Left, Grace Under
Pressure Tour, and A Show of Hands.

2007 - Rush releases Snakes and Arrows.

2007 - Rush releases 3 dvds from prior tours, Exit Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure, and A Show of Hands.

2008 - Rush was interviewed on TV by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report.

2008 - Rush releases Snakes and Arrows live album and dvd from the Snakes and Arrows tour.

2009 - Rush releases Retrospective 3, a greatest hits album of songs released after Retrospective 2.

2009 - Rush releases Working Men, a 12 song compilation album spanning their career.

2009 - Rush showed up at an event promoting the Hollywood movie, I Love You Man, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.
The movie is about two guys who bond over their shared love of Rush.

2010 - Rush releases the Classic Album Rush: 2112 - Moving Pictures dvd.

2010 - Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary is released featuring never before seen footage and interviews with some of today's most
respected rock artists, The film explores the forty-year career and phenomenon behind what could be the world's biggest cult band.

2010 - Rush releases Time Stands Still, another compilation album spanning their career.

2011 - Rush records and releases the album and dvd Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland, a 26 song set including the album Moving Pictures in it's
entirety and many other hits.

2011 - Rush releases a 3 box sets, Sector 1 with 6 cds and 45 songs from the early part of their career,  Sector 2 with 6 cds and 42 songs from the
middle part of their career, and Sector 3 with 6 cds and 57 songs from the later part of their career.

2012 - Rush releases their 20th studio album, Clockwork Angels.

2012 - The album 2112 is ranked Number 2 on "Rolling Stone's" list of "Your Favorite Prog- Rock Albums of All Time."

2013 - Rush releases the latest live album from the Clockwork Angels tour.

2013 - Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2013 - Rush is commended again in Canada by being featured on their own post office stamp with Rush's starman logo from the album 2112.

2014 - Rush releases R40, a 10 Dvd or 6 Blu-Ray boxset commemorating their 40 year anniversary.